When we think of hearing loss or hearing issues, we often immediately think of our grandparents shouting over the dinner table at get-togethers. But the reality is that anyone of any age can suffer from hearing loss and related issues. Your child may be suffering from hearing loss, and need some form of treatment or speech therapy. To diagnose and treat your child, it’s best to turn to a pediatric audiologist. But what do they do? Read on to learn how the pediatric audiologists in Stockton can help your child.

Audiological Care From The Beginning

One of the primary jobs of a pediatric audiologist is conducting newborn hearing tests. These are often conducted at the hospital sometime shortly after birth. If this initial test comes back positive, the child may receive follow up hearing tests before they are allowed to leave the hospital. For newborns who are born with hearing complications, or are at risk of suffering from issues at a later time, these pediatric audiologists may create a care plan for the child.

These specialists are trained to recognize the signs of hearing loss even at the earliest stages of life. Early intervention on the behalf of a pediatric audiologist is the best way to prevent further hearing loss at a later age, and so that the speech, hearing, and language centers of their brains can develop fully without issue.

Growing With Your Child

It’s easy to recognize the differences in health care needs between adults and children for issues like bone health and immune system care, but it might be less obvious for hearing. The fact is, audiological health in adults and children is very different. Pediatric audiologists have undergone specialized training to work with the smaller and finer parts of children’s ears, and are prepared to work with these parts as they grow and change over the course of childhood. They are also experts in framing their questions and explanations in a way that a child can easily understand. These skills allow a pediatric audiologist to gain a comprehensive understanding of a child’s hearing health so that a detailed treatment plan can be developed.

Including The Parents

Just because a pediatric audiologist is trained to work with your child doesn’t mean they are going to exclude you from the process. Parents are informed about the health of their child’s hearing and are advised on what steps to take next. The pediatric audiologist may provide parents with educational materials or a detailed health plan.

Your child’s care provider might recognize and create treatment plans for conditions like:

  • Malformations of the parts of the ear
  • Sensory hearing disorders
  • Detection and removal foreign objects from the ear

Your Pediatric Audiologist In Stockton

The staff at Stockton Hearing & Speech Center are proud to serve people at all stages of life and hearing health. When you bring your child into our clinic, we’ll walk you and your child through the steps of testing their hearing and any related speech issues. When the problems and issues have been identified, they’ll create a treatment plan and the information you need to make decisions about the audiological health of your child. If you feel your child would benefit from a visit with a pediatric audiologist, contact us today to schedule an appointment.