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Patient Reviews

Stockton Hearing & Speech Center is committed to patient satisfaction and improving the quality of life of those who visit our center. Here are some of the stories shared by our patients about our services:


  1. My wife is happier now

    Television volume has been cut by 2/3. My wife is happier now. I can also hear her more clearly. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

    A.G. Stockton, CA
  2. Was able to provide the technology necessary to improve my hearing

    As a doctor, wearing hearing aids, they presented a problem of necessary removal for stethoscope use. Dr. Tsappis was able to provide the technology necessary to improve my hearing without the need to remove the instruments to use my stethoscope.

    H.A. Stockton, CA
  3. Thank you for helping me

    Hearing in a courtroom is absolutely necessary for a practicing attorney. Although I was irritated by your insistence on follow-up post-fitting visits, I now realize they were necessary to achieve the best possible result. Thank you for helping me continue to help others.

    F.K. Lodi, CA

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